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Convincing people into buying your idea or product is definitely an art. Especially when it comes to presenting your designs to the stakeholders. Here are some tips from my own experience to get you kick-started.

A cartoon by marketoonist with a funny take on startup ideas.
‘Our Startup Idea’ by Marketoonist.

When it comes to selling an idea or a product, one of the first visuals that come to my mind are from an old Bollywood movie Chashme Buddoor wherein the lead actress is trying to sell a washing powder to the lead actor.

“Kapdon ke liye behtareen saabun — Chamko…

How to be better allies? Examining the unconscious bias preventing us in truly accepting the LGBTQA+ community and taking the first steps to being more conscious, sensitised & empathetic allies.

Happy Faces: whoever we are, wherever we are, we are all instantly connected by a smile. (Image credits:

“A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” — Dalai Lama

In October 2013 I received a confirmation to study as an exchange student at the prestigious KTH Institute in Stockholm. Admittedly, till that point, I had hardly done any research about Sweden…

Image Copyright: Vidhu Saxena

It was the summer of 2012. I was in the process of applying for a Masters in Design in visual communications or interaction design.

For these courses, unless you are willing to shell out millions in fees to private institutes, there are broadly only two major examinations in India. First…

In my previous article, I discussed the concept of data privacy and how it evolved. Let us now discuss the concept of Big Data.

Many of Tom Fishburne’s cartoon comment on Big Data and its use.


Big Data is a common term referring to a data revolution in information technology that makes it easy to collect, store and analyze user data online at relatively low costs.

In simpler words, any human activity using technology leaves a ‘digital exhaust’ or a trace data — let’s say, a…

What does ‘data privacy’ mean in the digital world? How did it evolve and why does it matter?

Tom Fishburne humorously talks about data privacy in a number of his cartoons.


Privacy’, derived from ‘privatus’ (Latin) refers to ‘a separation from the rest or deprived of something’. It provides an individual the right to express selectively’. There may be different types of privacy but recently information privacy has been in the limelight because of the growing interaction between humans and technology…

A designer’s guide to talking about your designs and convincing stakeholders.

Image Copyright: Vidhu Saxena

“They just don’t understand design! They want me to work on this stupid option. I know this wouldn’t work.”

Sounds familiar?

I often come across designers who seem to be producing great designs but when it comes to clients’ or other stakeholders’ acceptance, they fail miserably. This leads the designers…

The role of curiosity in design.

Image Copyright: Vidhu Saxena

As a designer publishing his first blog post, I think this is a good topic to start off our conversations with.

Ground Zero

Before I begin, let me confess that I am not a proficient writer. Nor do I use words or expressions that will compel you to quote me (although I…

Vidhu V Saxena

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